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The Future of Podcasting: Secrets From a Radio Futurologist

The Future of Podcasting: Secrets From a Radio Futurologist

  • Jun 04, 2024
Nathan Gwilliam

Unlock the secrets of podcasting success with industry veteran James Cridland, the world's first "radio futurologist"! In this week’s episode, James shares his pioneering journey in podcasting, dating back to 2005 when he launched one of the UK's earliest podcasts. Discover his unique insights on the future of podcasting, innovative monetization strategies beyond advertising, and the power of workflow optimization. James also reveals the story behind his massively successful Podnews newsletter and podcast, reaching over 30,000 subscribers and 1 million monthly website views. You'll be captivated by his personal anecdotes illustrating the profound intimacy of audio and the life-changing impact podcasters can have on their listeners. This episode is packed with strategies, inspiration, and practical takeaways to help both seasoned podcasters and newcomers alike thrive in the exciting world of podcasting!

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