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About the Host

Who is Nathan Gwilliam?

Nathan Gwilliam is an incurable creator, serial entrepreneur, innovator, podcaster, and founder and CEO of PodUp. Nathan is passionate about helping businesses leverage tectonic shifts such as credibility marketing, platform ownership, online shows, and recurring revenue to transform growth. Some of his accomplishments include:

  • Created and sold 3 ventures. 
  • Increased revenue by $5 million for a Facebook app in 12 months.
  • Developed and launched the social strategy for a media company that grew social follows from less than 100k to 110 million+. This became the most engaging social channels of any publisher in the world with 40 million+ monthly comments, likes, and shares (source: Unmetric).
  • Created, the world's most-visited adoption site.
  • Created a network of family sites which reached 280 million monthly.
  • Launched a YouTube channel in four languages that received 1.7 million video views in the first 2 months.
  • Helped grow Azul airlines' social following from 5k to 1.6 million in 12 months and created a travel social network for them. Azul became the fastest-growing airline ever in those early days and had a successful IPO.
  • Created an online community that reached 200,000+ members and was then sold within 24 months.
  • Awarded "Best of the Decade" by the BYU Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology.
  • Awarded the US Congress "Angel in Adoption".
  • Inducted into the "Adoption Hall of Fame".

In college after taking an HTML class, Nathan saw the opportunity to change the adoption process through the internet and founded in February 1997. Since then, has been serving the adoption community and has grown to be the world’s most-used adoption site. In 2019 was acquired by the Gladney Center for Adoption and continues to serve the adoption community.

In 2021 after Nathan had sold, he was looking for his next venture and landed on podcasting. He saw podcasts as the next tectonic shift that would transform the business landscape. So he created his first podcast, Monetization Nation with a YouTube channel, blog, and social media presence.

When Nathan started his show, he was new to podcasting and although Monetization Nation amassed more than 300,000 combined podcast downloads and video views in its first year, it kicked his butt. 

To effectively create and run a next-podcast, YouTube channel, blog, and social media strategy, he had to use and pay for 30+ different technologies that didn’t integrate well with each other or have necessary functionality.

There are millions of podcasters and other aspiring show hosts facing similar challenges. Nathan realized the opportunity to develop an all-in-one platform for entrepreneurs and podcasters to create, grow, and monetize next-level podcasts. And he decided to develop his own podcasting software, PodUp.

PodUp is a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one podcasting platform designed to help create, grow, and monetize next-podcasts from one convenient and inexpensive platform.

With PodUp you can:

  • Record and upload video episodes
  • Instantly generate audio versions
  • Repurpose video into blogs, social posts, and more
  • Distribute your content across multiple platforms
  • Engage with your audience
  • Monitor analytics in one dashboard
  • And so much more

PodUp handles much of the busy work so users can focus on creating great content and growing their credibility, authority, and thought leadership through next-level podcasting.

To learn more about PodUp please visit

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