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Hello Incurable Creators!

Hello Incurable Creators!

Hello Incurable Creators!

  • Dec 11, 2023

Get ready for an insider's view as I share podcasting tips, tricks, strategies, and stories from podcasting experts. I'll be focused on handing you the tactical advice to level up your podcast game and help you create, grow, and monetize your next-level podcast.

When I first started my first podcast I wanted to not only do an audio show. I wanted to build a show that had video, blog, newsletter, and a strong social media strategy. I took advice from Russell Brunson and published a new episode everyday for a year. Over that time, I was frustrated that in order to create, grow, and monetize the type of show I wanted, I needed dozens of expensive technologies that didn't integrate well with each other.

In my frustration, while talking to a co-worker, I mentioned that someone should build an all-in-one software suite for creating, growing, and monetizing a next-level podcast. So my team and I spent the last three years building exactly that - a platform we call PodUp. It has all the tools you need to create, grow, and monetize a professional podcast, finally consolidated into one integrated system. 

We soft-launched PodUp about 6 months ago to get feedback from real podcasters before opening it up more broadly. Thanks to over 1,300 bug reports and feature requests, we've made major improvements. Now I feel we’re ready to spread the word and keep enhancing PodUp based on user input.

That’s why I’m relaunching my podcast as well! This show will chronicle my journey building PodUp, share the inside scoop on new features as we release them, and reveal all the secrets I’ve learned around growing a successful podcast. 

I’ll be bringing on guests who are industry experts to get their strategies for production, marketing, monetization and more. My goal is that listeners will walk away from each episode with tangible tactics to improve their own podcast ventures. 

I like to call our community “incurable creators” since you likely see yourself as either a creative podcaster, an entrepreneur building a business, or both! I can’t wait to connect with more of you incurable creators in future episodes.

For now, head to to learn more about our platform and sign up for an account. And make sure to subscribe to this podcast so you don’t miss an episode of our journey!

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